SUPRA SAEINDIA came to a dashing close as exciting as ever!!

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The 4th edition of Maruti Suzuki SUPRA SAEINDIA which is the final stage was held over 4 days from Thursday, July 16, 2015 till today (Sunday, July 19, 2015) at the Madras Motor Racing Track (MMRT) in Chennai. A total of 167 teams had initially registered for the event, out of which 110 teams qualified for the finals. Nearly 2200 students participated from all over India.

Mr. C. V. Raman, Executive Director, Engineering, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. said, “We had first collaborated with SUPRA SAEINDIA in 2011 for this competition to encourage budding talent in motorsports and engineering. To conceptualize, design, fabricate and run a Formula prototype car from start to finish, provides an immense amount of hands-on experience. Being the market leader, Maruti Suzuki has always paid extra attention to engineering and we will continue with our initiatives to provide students the right kind of exposure to further polish their engineering skills. I believe that there is an abundance of talent pool in our country so I hope to see more students participating and gaining as much experience as possible from these events to develop their abilities from the opportunities that lie ahead.”


SUPRA SAEINDIA, organized annually by SAEINDIA (earlier known as Society of Automotive Engineers India), is an event intended to inculcate and harness applied engineering skills among students wherein teams design and construct a Formula category vehicle as per defined performance and safety specifications. SAEINDIA is India’s largest automotive engineering fraternity, and also the largest affiliate of SAE International, USA.

In the event, Ms. Unnathi Pai from Team – Force Ikshvaku won the best participation award, while Team Aryans were selected as the Best Team participants. Including Marketing Presentation award, Engineering Designs award and Dhronacharya award there were about 14 categories on which teams and individual participants are awarded.


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