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According to Forbes, 250,000 new products were introduced to the world in 2010 alone. Consumers are bombarded with so many new product choices which are available at their disposal. To launch & establish a product/service requires clear vision, strategy, tactics implementation & knowledge of the target market combined with needs of consumers.

Based in Chennai, we at BluePlanet provide you with fresh, trendy, simple yet unique & cost effective ways to launch your product/service resulting in greater sales revenue. We handle the entire process A-Z in managing Product/Showroom Launches, Automobile Reviews, Product/Business Publicity and Business Advertising. We have real passion about what we do and are well networked in the business market and media world. We are professional, creative, accurate and trust worthy.


It does not matter if you have the best product/service in the world; it will not generate revenue if the consumers are not aware of its existence. Advertising is the art of informing, persuading & compelling the consumer to buy your product/service.
When crafted precisely it can create consumer awareness, increase sales, maximize profits and build reputation for your company. For effective advertising Creative thinking is a must, it has to be fresh, original, innovative, informative and appealing to the target group.

When done right, it can:
Promote Product/Service, ideas or events
Inform consumers about products’ new arrival or existence in the market
Build the company/brand/product image
Help increase sales revenue & maximize profits
Great source of revenue for mass media and publishers
Help monitor the demand & supply of the product/service

It is imperative to also mention Online Advertising as it plays a vital role in today’s world. It is less expensive; Provides global coverage which inevitably leads to reaching more audience, Measurement of results is easy & Better coverage of the target market.

BluePlanet’s simple aim is to help solve your business challenges with creative, brilliant, captivating & unique ideas.

Automobile Reviews

Gone are those days when word of mouth used to be sufficient enough to make a customer buy an automobile. The advice & experience of a previous user was much more valued than any form of advertisement. Automobile Reviews, online or otherwise have become the ‘GO TO’ before a customer decides which car/bike to buy. In today’s world everyone prefers to go online and obtain as much information a possible about a dealership and its products. This is why it is critical for dealerships to post reviews, update them and respond to customer queries.

Online Reviews can be used as a powerful tool to inform, motivate and persuade a consumer to move in your favor. It will help a great deal if the dealership also allows consumers to post their reviews, comments online as recommendations of a fellow consumer goes a long way than a sales persons’. You can attract new consumers or retain existing ones by listening to them and giving custom made solutions which will prove mutually beneficial.

If you own or manage an automobile dealership, it’s indispensable to know the needs, wants and behavior of potential consumers. Understanding the attitude and behavior of consumers can be very challenging and this is where BluePlanet comes to your aid. Using our knowledge of the market both local (Chennai) & global we have helped numerous companies communicate more effectively leading to successful businesses.

Launches & Publishing

Showroom & Product/Service Launches

Product/Service Launch enables one to introduce a product/service into the market for the first time to capture the attention of consumers. It also signifies the initial point at which the consumers gain access to the product.

According to Daniel Waldman, President of Marketing firm Evolve Communications:

“Product launches are tricky because, unlike other marketing efforts, you really only have one chance to get it right, There’s not a lot of room for testing and refining tactics. Launches need to pack a punch.”

Making a great first impression is critical in a product launch & this requires meticulous and well planned out effort combined with knowledge of the current market.

It is a process which involves

  • Identifying goals, whether it is to increase the market share or to bring awareness of product availability in the market
  • Knowing your Target Audience, their tastes & preferences
  • Knowing the right Medium to reach your consumer
  • Setting up measurable goals, this way you know if the launch is producing the desired results & if changes need to be made in the strategy

The point is you need to vigorously think through your product/service launches, join us and we at BluePlanet will do the thinking for you. We will showcase your product/service key features allowing consumers to interact & help them fully understand what your product is all about. Be it a new exciting product or showroom we will strive to launch you in style leaving the consumers wanting more.

Product/Business Publicity

Product/Business publicity is one of the key tools in Public Relations and when done precisely it can produce favorable attention towards the product/business. It is deemed to be more economical and credible compared to advertising.

A simple article conveyed through the right medium about your product/service can create:

  • Local & global credibility
  • Inform key features about your product/service
  • Increase potential consumers
  • Enhance your marketing and sales revenue
  • Build reputation and gain recognition in your industry

Gaining this kind of publicity is not an easy task, given the media will only publish newsworthy and validated information. The key is to build your brand/company and not just the one product you are trying to promote. This way any future products/services produced by you will gain easy trust and recognition among the consumers.

We are dedicated to provide you with expert public relation strategies, effective publicity planning, media campaigns, press releases and tailor made publicity services including online. We are fast, efficient, economical and produce desired results.